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Hillary Clinton On Immigration


A number of people have written about the possibility she will move to Bush’s right on the subject (not terribly hard to do). Here’s an email about it:

“Hillary has done very little to move in our direction re immigration but this could be major if she moves further. Promising to ‘end illegal immigration as we know it’ could be a key ad of 2008.

“I’ve been thinking that it is about time that liberal Dems wake up and smell the coffee on immigration. Substantially reducing immigration levels would be a great issue for them. Supporters could include:

1. Environmentalists, for obvious reasons
2. Labor union that finally realize that having more potential members is worthless if immigrants increase competition at the lower end of the income spectrum, thereby making it more difficult to organize.
3. Blacks, who will become a smaller share of the population if immigration trends continue.
4. Hispanics already here who have to compete with new workers added via even more immigration.

“The problem will be with the up-scale social liberals, but they are more concerned with being able to kill babies and Hillary is golden on that issue.”


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