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Immigration Idiocy


This makes me so-o-o-o MA-A-A-A-A-D.

Writing in the 12/20/04 issue of The New Republic, Michael Crowley says

“When the House version [of the intelligence reform bill] passed through his
committee this fall, [Rep. Jim] Sensenbrenner insisted that it include a
series of immigration provisions that the 9/11 Commission had not
recommended. … ‘His big issue seemed to be an anti-immigrant agenda,’said
one Democratic aide familiar with the negotiations… What evolved was a
standooff that had more to do with immigration politics than intelligence
reform. Tom Tancredo, a hard-line anti-immigration epublican from

Now look. I am an immigrant; my wife is an immigrant; half our friends are
immigrants; for me to be “anti-immigrant” would be a very strange thing
indeed. I do, though, like Reps. Sensenbrenner and Tancredo, want the
people’s executive to start enforcing the people’s laws concerning who may
and may not legally enter and remain in the USA.

A question for Mr. Crowley: If I demand enforcement of the laws against
arson, does that make me “anti-combustion”?


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