by Jonah Goldberg

Thanks for all the emails on one side and the other. I just don’t have the energy to re-re-re-re-launch that debate right now in the Corner. Maybe I’ll write — sigh — another drug war column this week. For the record, I do think Andrew makes some fine points, though I think there are some fine responses to them. As for the view advanced by both he and Jon that heroin potency and/or consumption would decrease from legalization I remain unpersuaded in part because I don’t buy the direct comparison to alcohol. I do agree that the comparison of booze to pot works better, which is one of the reasons I’m for decriminalizing pot. I simply doubt you’ll ever get me to be in favor of decriminaling heroin. My hope remains that technology will solve the problem of heroin, either by nullifying its addictiveness or by simply creating much, much better and safer drugs which make heroin obsolete. But that’s all an argument for another day.

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