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Fat Nerd Lip-Syncing Romanian Pop Song


A reader fills in some background to that extremely dire video clip Jonah
posted Monday.

“John—actually, there are two versions of this song (not counting several
horrible ‘comedy’ versions).One is sung by a Romanian-born Italian woman and
a man whose origins I don’t know about – that’s ‘Haiducii’. The other
version (which is the original one) is sung by an incredibly trashy boy band
from Moldova called ‘O-Zone’.

“Both were major hits in Germany this year. The ‘O-Zone’ version was at #1
for about ten weeks. And for several weeks, we had ‘O-Zone’ at #1 and
’Haiducii’ at #2 with the same song. Luckily, both were one-hit-wonders and
their follow-ups had no big success. But I’m really curious if ‘Dragostea
din tei’ will be successful in the United States…”

Well, it got my kids’ attention all right. We now have MA-IA-HII!
MA-IA-HUU! for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. And to think I’ve been
saying nice things about Romania…


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