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Arizona Prop. 200


Arizona’s Proposition 200 would require Arizonans to provide proof of
citizenship in order to register to vote and require valid identification
when applying for state benefits. Passed by the voters last month,
enforcement of Prop. 200 has been suspended on the orders of a federal
judge, David Bury, following complaints by MALDEF that the Proposition was
unfair to illegal immigrants.

Judge Bury (appointed to the federal bench by GWB in 2002) is right now
hearing on whether the restraining order should be lifted so that
enforcement — enforcement of a popular initiative targeted at people in
violation of federal law — should begin. A decision may come this

So far as I can read Bury’s track record, he seemes to be on the same page
as W so far as illegal immigration is concerned — i.e. There is no problem,
no problem, no problem whatsoever.