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Speaking of Overrated, Shannen


Office Space was one of those films that could never have lived up to the hype. My friends were astonished when, a year after its release, I still hadn’t seen it. “It’s the next ‘Animal House,’” they told me, knowing that Animal House is one of the five funniest American films of all time.

I planned an evening, popped the corn and…yawn. Some great scenes and lines, but the best description for it is “nothing special.” There are episodes of SNL from the Belushi era that are funnier.

Funniest movie ever? That’s easy: Holy Grail. Gotta be. What else even comes close? When you can get “milk-through-the-nose” laughs on the intellectual underpinnings of monarchy vs. socialism, you have transcended comedy and entered the arena of genius.

Plus—they’re the knights who say “Nee!”