Re: Overrated

by Shannen W. Coffin

Michael, your post requires me to stop packing the car long enough to respond. Office Space is one of those movies you either get or you don’t get. Many folks don’t, so I don’t hold it against you. But I’d recommend that you watch it again. There is some brilliant writing in there, and the characters often remind people of someone they work with, which makes it all the funnier. I didn’t see the movie when it came out either, but became a convert over the last few years. One of my prouder moments was when I used the phrase “no talent a** clown” constructively in a meeting of high ranking Department of Justice officials (no, Ashcroft was not present). But to say the movie is overhyped is not really accurate — it is beloved as a “cult” comedy, but got critically hammered. As far as Grail goes, there was a point in my life where I could recite every line, having seen it so much. But K-Lo banned me from discussing Python for fear of flooding the Corner’s email box, but suffice it to say, I agree.

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