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Moby K-Lo


Quick note before dashing out to complete Christmas shopping (it’ll be a PlayStation 2 for my boys, by the way, and not an Xbox, for reasons that will follow):

Ulysses: Concur with Amis and Derb. Unreadable. If you want a good Ulysees, read The Autobiography of Ulysses S. Grant.

Anna Karenina: A terrible puzzle. If War and Peace is so exciting, how can Anna Karenina be so dull? Lack of battle scenes? Dunno. Can only tell you what when I got to the end, I felt that if I could have I’d have shoved Anna in front of a train myself–about 600 pages earlier.

Moby Dick: Who was it—K-Lo?—who said she’d never finished this book? Oh, how woefully, woefully in error. This is a stunning work, with prose that’s electric from “Call me Ishmael” to Ahab’s last, drowning bubbles. Try again, K-Lo, do, do, do.


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