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Rick: Yes, more or less.

Here are some wise words on the topic (as it relates to poetry) from a
profound, if perhaps overly pessimistic, scholar:

“It is hard to blame the poets. I happen to believe that the Modern Movement
was all a ghastly mistake, like communism; and that, as with communism, it
will take a century or so to clean up the mess. Now, there can be no
forgiving Lenin; but what were poets supposed to do-go on turning out copies
of ‘Snow-Bound’ or A Shropshire Lad? Lapse back into heroic couplets? In
art and literature, new things must be tried, old habits challenged, eggs
broken in the hope of making omelettes. It is just our bad luck that none of
the things tried in the twentieth century worked very well, that the
omelettes were all inedible.”



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