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Luckily, no extended commentary is any longer necessary, for two reasons. 1) Your last comment is, as far as I can tell, utterly devoid of any argument. (The fact that you’re getting many emails cheering you on (as am I) doesn’t constitute an argument.) 2) I am beginning to wonder about your reading-comprehension skills.

To clear one thing up: I didn’t suggest in any of my previous comments that you had shown disrespect to me. Nor do I think I have indulged in any “personal invective” (although I did characterize one of your lines of argument as senseless and another as boneheaded). If I’ve hurt your feelings, I’m very sorry. You are, as I said, a great American with whom I disagree on this matter–how much clearer could I have made that? Have a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.


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