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Catching up on the Corner and its numerous cultural rulings after some time away from the laptop (I’m in the Old Country), so here’s my ha’porth:

Funniest Writers: David Sedaris, Wodehouse, George and Weedon Grossmith, and, quite possibly accidentally, the journalists of North Korea during the Kim Il Sung era;

Jennifer Aniston, Anna Karenina: Not a word shall be said against them. Ever.

Ulysses: Wonderful, but not to be read in one session;

Straight man: John’s right. Margaret Dumont.

Funniest Movies: I cannot believe that people have not mentioned Something About Mary, Trading Places, Airplane, and Hellzapoppin’.

And while we’re busy opining like this, what’s up with Hero? Wildly overrated, I reckon, although not, perhaps, at its best when seen on an aeroplane flight..


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