Oh, H***: The Spectre of 2005

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

This does not bode well for the really big judicial stuff that’s to come. From the Washington Times today:

The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee is criticizing President Bush’s renomination of 20 people, recently blocked by Democrats, for federal judgeships. …

From the Washington Post:
“I would have preferred there would have been an interlude before they were resubmitted to provide an opportunity to improve the climate on the Judiciary Committee,” Specter said in a telephone interview, referring to the bitter partisan fights on the panel over appeals court nominations during the last Congress. Specter added that he is consulting with senators of both parties in hopes of working out a bipartisan agreement for handling judicial nominations.

I really hope the White House gave Specter a heads up before they announced the renominations. If they didn’t, they’ve just made him mad, made him look like he carries little weight, thereby promising he’ll be more trouble then we already know he’ll be.

This is going to be such a heated year coming up…

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