Nr Kids’s Books: Report Seizures Here

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

An e-mail:

flying from TLH to DFW yesterday and TSA wanted to root through my bag
- I said, “Sure,” because I had lots of electronics (an XM radio, a
walkman, a digital camera, etc) and thought they might arouse minor

The guy pulls out all of my clothes, sets aside the electronics, and
grabs one of the two NR childrens’ books I was packing (gifts for my
nieces). He carefully flipped through both books, presumably making
sure they didn’t have gun-shaped holes carved in the pages… I
practically laughed out loud when i saw what he was doing!

Incidentally, he was even more concerned about the cheese-board i was
planning on giving to my mother. I got it at a county fair – it’s made
from a real wine-bottle, pressed flat and painted with flowers.
Apparently the lead in the glass makes it look terribly dangerous in
the x-ray machine. (he didn’t notice the blunt, thumb-shaped cheese
knife, thank goodness. I’d probably be in the gulag.)

Merry Christmas to all, even the TSA!

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