We Have Met The Enemy

by Clifford D. May

And he is not us. He is an evil other who must be defeated.
My Scripps Howard column is on this topic.

Also, it’s worth reading Thomas E. Ricks’ story in today’s Washington Post, Army Historian Cites Lack of Postwar Plan. Maj. Isaiah Wilson III, a well-respected military historian, has concluded that that there was insufficient planning for the phase in Iraq after “major combat operations.”
Evidently, military leaders saw the mission as removing Saddam Hussein – a necessary but insufficient condition for winning the war. They gave short shrift to the possibility of encountering serious challenges after Saddam’s fall.
“Wilson reserves his toughest criticism for Army commanders who, he concludes, failed to grasp the strategic situation in Iraq and so did not plan properly for victory. He concludes that those who planned the war suffered from ’stunted learning and a reluctance to adapt.’”