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Re: Fr. Andrew Greeley


I always loved Jim McFadden’s catholic eye description of Greeley: “the celibate sex novelist.” Anyway, here’s an interesting 1999 interview (courtesy of the Media Research Center) between Bryant Gumbel and the clerical malcontent on his memoir Furthermore! Memories of a Parish Priest — note how Greeley overflows with charity and love for Red Staters:

Gumbel: “Another potential divisive point, your take on politics. I’m going to read from this. You write that, your words: ‘The Republicans tend to be the party of the affluent, the self-righteous, the haters and the racists.’ And then add: ‘Is it a mortal sin to vote Republican? Probably, but most who do are probably excused because of invincible ignorance.’”

Greeley: “I said that, did I now?”

Gumbel: “Yeah, you did. You want me to show you in the book?”

Greeley: “No, I said it. I’m a Chicago Democrat, you know.”

Gumbel: “Yeah, but Father, I mean the ‘party of the self-righteous, the haters, the racists?’”

Greeley: “Have you been watching television lately Bryant? You seen some of those folks? They hate the Chinese, they hate immigrants, they hate unions. So, I don’t know.”

Gumbel: “All Republicans, Father?”

Greeley: “The people that represent the party in Congress do anyway.”


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