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In case you missed the word last week and are wondering why it’s a little lighter around here this week–it’s just this week, a little Christmas break. As you see, we’re not completely disappearing, but trying to catch up a little, breathe a little, and maybe even take in a Monday night movie. We’ll be back to normal come January, with a new year which should be a blockbuster–the 50th anniversary of National Review, with many new NRO features planned, to add to your old faves. Plus, so many of our guys have their own additional cool things going on–books and columns and things. We’ll be keeping busy, producing plenty worth reading, I’m certain.

Thanks again for sticking with us through 2004–what a year.

P.S. Some new things up on NRO, even despite the break: Jim Robbins on the new Osama tape, Steve Moore’s family Christmas letter. And, make sure you check in Thursday when we have more new content on the homepage.


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