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Not a Pretty One Woman


One more thing, I don’t think that Roberts’ looks should keep her from being a respected actress or from continuing to work or anything like that. But what bugs me is the way she seems to have written into so many of her movies this universal consensus that she’s drop-dead gorgeous (Barbra Streisand does the same thing). In Ocean’s Eleven, there’s that seen where Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are watching her come down the stairs and Damon says “this is the best part of my day” and the whole world slows down as she walks by. Do the producers really think our jaws are dropping when we see her? Or there’s that scene in Notting Hill where she’s talking about all the work she’s had done on her face and all I can think is, why doesn’t she ask the plastic surgeon for a refund. And… this is about the point where my wife usually takes the remote control away from me.


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