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Nro-Nly Xxl-Athon: Big Duds For Big Dudes


You are . . . big-boned. You have . . . mass. Call it . . . bodily gravitas. You may have cast a bit of a shadow on the beach, but at least you’re not one of those 98-pound weaklings. No siree, no one ever dared kick sand in the Big Guy’s face!

So listen up, Strapping Dudes (and the Women Who Love Them and Want to Buy Them Clothes) – deep in the NR vault we’ve found a number of fine XXL clothing items suited for Bulky Hombres. As they say, we’ve got to “move them” (the clothes, not the guys) so we’re embarking on a “XXL-ATHON” (only available on NRO) offering select items at some amazing prices.

Take the official National Review XXL long-sleeved crew-neck “tee” – this beaut usually sells for $24.99, but we’re letting them go two-for-one. That’s right, you buy one for $24.99, we ship you two for the same price. You buy two for $49.98, we ship you four for that price. Capishe?! Shipping is FREE, no matter how many you buy. I’ve only got 40 of these in stock, so get cracking if you want them.

And then there’s our traditional white short-sleeved NR tee. I’ve got 64 of these in XXL, and will unload them two for one – you buy one for $15.99, you wind up with two for that price. You buy two for $31.98, you get four. Nice deal, eh?

And finally there’s the NR Sleeveless Vest, just the right thing on that breezy night when you want a little extra warmth. This puppy goes for $34.99. I’ve got eight left in stock, and they’ll go for $29.99 each. You save $5.00, PLUS I’ll throw in a FREE XXL white tee shirt.

This XXL-athon will end PDQ, so do your ordering right now right here.