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Ah, The Un


From a reader in response to today’s syndicated column:

To say the United Nations is “an odius institution” is not obvious, it is completely ludicrous.

I can’t believe people like you have some influence among the citizens. The United Nations has done a tremendous amount of good working through UNICEF and its various aid agencies.

If self-styled conservatives such as you acted in something other than an obstructionist and reactionary manner, and if they demonstrated more of what they claim to have, compassion, the world would be a much better place. Unfortunately, the true conservatives have receded, and now we only have your ilk.

You still apparently cling to the illusion that the United States will be able to act as it wishes for the long-term future. One thing I am certain of: There will come a time when we must work with other countries, like it or not, on terms that are not wholly acceptable to us. And when that time comes, all the chickens that have not yet come home to roost will arrive.


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