Signs of Resistance

by Steven F. Hayward

A heartening sign of resistance from usually flabby corporate America: in the same year as the film “Supersize Me,” and the increasing government-nanny warnings about obesity, I notice my local McDonald’s this morning has put up huge posters promoting “Double QPC”–that’s “Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese.” Good for the Golden Arches. I’m hoping someone at McD’s HQ has a sense of humor and is deliberately baiting the trial lawyers. Derb should get one at the drive-through window on his way to Home Depot, where all therclerks are reading “Four Quartets” during their latte breaks, I am told.

Meanwhile, I am out in California this week, where the only burger to get is the Double-Double (double meat, double cheese) from In-’n-Out Burgers, a conservative family-owned chain.

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