Prediction Hate Mail Already!

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

An e-mail, from an address (so he probably thinks he actually knows something about sports–please tell me he is off on his theology): “Just so you know, I enjoy reading NRO tremendously, but you will never get a dime of my money as long as you continuously and irrationally bash the best team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox. It’s hard to believe such an intelligent person can allow themselves to be so blinded by bitterness and hatred simply due to the fact that your sports team sucks. Sucks so badly, in fact, that for 3 straight seasons now, they can’t even BUY a championship. At the end of time, all Yankee fans will burn in hell for all eternity, so please… save yourself before it’s too late…”

Shannen Coffin, I didn’t realize you worked for ESPN now!

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