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Andaman Islanders


Steve Sailer raises the issue of the
anthropologically-unique Andaman Islanders, whose home is near the epicenter
of the recent terrible earthquake.

Of the anthropological uniqueness of these people, Steve notes:

“The men average 4′-10″ and 95 pounds. The women have such pronounced
’steatopygia’ that a mother who needs to carry her toddler on her back will
have the child throw his arms around her neck and stand on her remarkably
protuberant, gravity-defying buttocks. (Unfortunately, Carleton Coon’s
you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it photo of this is not on line.)”

Well, it is now. After reading Steve, I promptly powered up my scanner and
pulled down my copy of Coon’s splendid classic THE LIVING RACES OF MAN.
(Ooooh! Derb’s a racist! Gimme a break. The book is dated 1965. Coon
taught at Harvard, and was, among many other things, President of the
American Association of Physical Anthropologists. It is true that physical
anthropology is now a “dangerous” subject, like history in a communist
country; but that is not my fault, or Coon’s, or Steve’s. It is just part
of the general idiocy of our age.)

Here is the Andamanese woman.
And, yes, what is the fate of these people after this terrible disaster?