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Hillen Is Right About Dionne


Did you notice that, according to Dionne, the only thing liberals had to celebrate in 2004 were “the glorious victories of the Red Sox and Patriots?”

I taped a pundit TV show yesterday (as usual, I was the token conservative) and the question for the panel was “What was the unforgettable moment of 2004?” I had a half-dozen instant answers, starting with the moment in the late afternoon of Nov. 2nd when I realized the exit polls were wrong. But none of the libs could think of even one. Like Dionne, they turned to the world of sport and found comfort there.

I keep asking myself: Was 2004 really that bad for the Left? There must have been some good news. After all, a record number of Americans cast ballots for the losing candidate–that can’t be bad. It’s certainly better than 1988 or ‘84.

But I’m stymied, too. What WAS the best moment for the Left in 2004?


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