Re: Lasers

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Most readers don’t buy that terrorists are using lasers. Here are two :


I’m no military expert (unless you count reading Aviation Week) but I don’t
see why knowing the range to that level of accuracy would be so important.
If you are going to fire a missile you need to know when the plane is in
range. The flight paths and glide scopes are known. Do the math and you’re

I think it’s either misanthropic civilians or there is no other goal beyond
terrorism. Taking down the WTC wasn’t geared merely towards affecting way
more than the 3,000 people in the buildings, but the 290 million people of
our country. They wanted to terrorize a country and did it by affecting a
small part of one city. If terrorists are behind the lasers, they use the
are using the press and a few planes to terrorize the entire flying
population. Not nearly as terrifying as the WTC, the the cost is
absolutely minimal! My money says it’s kids or misanthropes.

Just my $0.02

I live in Wichita, KS in the heart of Airplaneland. We have Boeing,
McConnel Air Base, Raytheon, Bombardier, Cessna, Textron, AirBus et al
here and several large airports for all their repair, development,
military, testing etc. There are B-52, AWACS, G5 execs, et al flying
low all over the city day and night along with all the FedEx, and

They fly from 500 to 5000 feet all over the city. B52 make practice
bomb runs all over any industrial complexes on a regular basis. I could
set on the back deck and shoot a GREEN laser at all of them on an hourly
basis. The flights are quite impressive I might add.

Im guessing that is what is going on. Besides they are NOT harmful.
All these are approved wattage etc. You can buy them all over the net
or at Office Max. Im sure its a bunch of kids or other dimwits doing
this. Its just that the green ones are more visible to the human eye
since the eye is more sensitive to that frequency and the entire beam
can be seen and is used in astronomical watching due to this fact. They
seem to shoot to the point you are looking at. The red DO NOT and the
beam is not visible .

Since its now ALL over the news there will be many more…

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