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Bet Wolcott Would Love to Redo This One


“I root for hurricanes. When, courtesy of the Weather Channel, I see one forming in the ocean off the coast of Africa, I find myself longing for it to become big and strong–Mother Nature’s fist of fury, Gaia’s stern rebuke. Considering the havoc mankind has wreaked upon nature with deforesting, stripmining, and the destruction of animal habitat, it only seems fair that nature get some of its own back and teach us that there are forces greater than our own.” — James Wolcott, Vanity Fair Contributing Editor

I found this quote in’s collection of the “40 Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2004.” It’s a delightful stroll down memory lane…if you consider “Democrats making idiotic statements that make them look like loons to normal people” delightful. I certainly do.


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