by Kathryn Jean Lopez

to NR’s 50th anniversary year. To celebrate, we’ve started only the very beginning of the celebration, predictably, with the first issue of NR. Go over to the homepage and you’ll see a link to the mission statement, which appeared in the first issue. We’ve also put up a James Burnham piece from the following year. As you can see already, we’re not necessarily going in order, the goal is to give you a taste of NR through the years as this year unfolds. They’ll be lots more, of course: I love the archive stuff myself, but they’ll be stories to tell and people to re-meet and the like.

There will also be celebrations. More coming on those. Though you know about the cruise. That’s a pretty big, cool one. Consider it, here.
It is also, by the way, the tenth anniversary of NRO. Obviously many things have happened since…but NR’s weblife began ten years ago this year. And we won’t let that pass without a little celebrating either–and toasting to this creature’s future (and, have I mentioned some fun new rollouts will be forthcoming this year? Stay tuned).

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