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Christine Todd Whitman


According to the Washington Post, she “is violating the omerta of Bush alumni with a memoir that touts the importance of moderates to the future of the Republican Party and flays Bush and his team for ignoring the country’s middle. Whitman charges on Page 3 that Bush’s three-percentage-point margin in the popular vote is the lowest of any incumbent president ever to win reelection.”

It is possible, I suppose, that she will have something interesting to say in the book. But let’s not forget that Whitman got only 47 percent of the vote when she ran for re-election as governor of New Jersey in 1997. During the ’90s, she was often touted as the great hope for the Republican future. Her enthusiasm for abortion would bring women to the GOP. But she never won a majority of women in any of her statewide elections. If she knows anything about how to build a lasting electoral majority, it’s not from practical experience.


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