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From a reader:

Dear Jonah,

This is one subject that makes my blood boil. Two of my friends are now widowers because of Acetomenophen poisoning. The threshold level between efficacy and toxicity is just 4 grams per day. That’s just 8 extra strength tabs a day. It is very easy to go past that with so many combination products. This was how both of my friends died. They both were taking cold medication and then went on Vicodan for broken bones. Within 5 days, they were dying and did not live another week.

It is awful. The ubiquity of this medication is alarming, and the overdose limit is so low. Why is this drug allowed on the market for over the counter use? Name another that can come close to the low toxicity threshold. There aren’t any.

Please, please be careful. L’il Lucy needs both parents.

Love your stuff, Pete


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