Homage to Nash

by Jonah Goldberg

From areader:

Inspired by your post of the Nash poem, (and probably inspired in part
by the medication):

Oh Comtrex! may I be so bold,
To thank thee for relieving my cold?
You work in pairs, both day and night,
Against my symptoms you put up a fight.
Now the pain in head, back, and knee,
Has subsided most completefully.
And how, praytell, can you so cheaply,
Relieve my ills and not make me sleepy?
It’s a miracle of modern medicine,
I no longer fear catching cold again.

And Zicam! from whence you came?
What marvelous mind do I have to blame
For making such a wonderful gel,
That in my nose doth love to dwell?
And while there to my cells bind,
So cold germs arriving find,
A most unwelcome sign:
“Be gone from me, ye terrible beast!
There is no welcome here, not in the least!”

David Schmitt

The Corner

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