“Rats, Bugs, Boys: Attack!”

by Jonah Goldberg

From DefenseTech.org:

Instead of using guns and bombs, let’s attack the enemies of freedom with bugs, rats, and horny gay men.

That seems to be the sentiment behind a 1994 Air Force proposal, unearthed by bioweapons-watchers at the Sunshine Project.

The document — entitled “Harrassing, Annoying, and ‘Bad Guy’ Identifying Chemicals” — strings together a couple of ideas for non-lethal agents that could mark an opponent, temporarily change his behavior, or “attract annoying creatures to an enemy position.”

Were any of these proposals every approved? I doubt it. But, boy, do I love the idea of Pentagon program managers dreaming up ways to use “sex attractant chemicals for bugs” as weapons. Or employing a “‘sting/attack me’ chemical that causes bees to attack.” Such an agent “would especially effective for infiltration routes,” the paper observes.

“Rodents and larger animals would [also] be candidates to be drawn to enemy positions,” according to the proposal. So would other “stinging and biting bugs.”

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