A Conversation Starter

by Jonah Goldberg

Let me just drop this email from a reader like a hockey puck and see what you guys do with it:

What’s most disturbing about reading the NRO Corner thread today is how little it seems NR writers have actually dealt with reports of torture in the war on terror. This is not just noogies and name calling; people have actually been murdered in custody. Not to mention cigarettes extinguished in ear canals, anal rape, and dog bites. I’m just breathless to read how little this seems to move conservatives, the annointed repositories of the Jesus light.

Not to mention, a majority of the prisoners in Abu Ghraib were not terrorists, so their torture gained no strategic defensibly advantage. Is Andrew Sullivan the only conservative willing to flat out say that these events are morally reprehensible. I guess it just sends a chill down my spine to read how blithely the intellectual elite of conservatives take violence against prisoners of war. It’s f***ng spooky.

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