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Hammer and Sick


Kathryn, I like your Che postcard idea., and the sooner the better. Consider: I’m in Starbucks earlier this week, and I see a young student-type wearing a t-shirt with a light green background and a pink … hammer and sickle. Now, we’ve discussed why Che t-shirts are bad, and I’d say the same about those t-shirts featuring Castro or Marx or Trotsky or Lenin, but this seems to me much worse. I mean, you can romanticize the nice-looking Che, but what’s the excuse for wearing the unadorned symbol of Communism, number-one murderer in world history? And it turns out this kid is not alone; there’s other hammer-and-sickle paraphernalia, too, here (“For the little Internet communist inside all of us, this spoof http shirt …”) and here (Green Party). I’ve felt rotten all week because I didn’t say something to this kid, like “Do you have one with a swastika, too?” What’s going on here? Is this supposed to be ironic? I don’t get it.


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