Overreact Much?

by Jonah Goldberg

I’m sorry I ever linked to this Gilliard guy. Not because I take back anything I said. If anything I was probably kind. But because Gilliard’s making a fool of himself. He’s now calling me, Rich Lowry and NR racists, comparing us to Klansmen and writing what would be called a sophomoric racist parody of a thin-skinned black liberal having a hissy-fit — if it weren’t actually written seriously. I don’t really take offense because I can’t take this guy seriously. All of his language is hackneyed (Oh how clever! An uncle Tom barb! Never heard one of those). His “ideas” are a caricature and, judging from his (several) fans’ email to me, all he’s got going for him is a rather sad persecution complex. How else to interpret this sort of hysteria but as a perfect — if trivial — example of the moral exhaustion of black liberalism. Am I supposed to cry because he called me a racist over something like this?

Seriously, Steve, take a few deep breaths. If you’re going to call me a Klansmen for criticizing you and Armstrong Williams, how do you expect to have any moral authority for, well, anything? Maybe someone else can explain this to him?

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