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This Flag Is Your Flag, It Sure Ain’t My Flag...


That was the clear message from listeners and emailers defending the state of Virginia’s policy that school children can’t be forced to stand while their classmates say the Pledge of Allegiance. There’s a non-partisan issue about whether or not forcing kids to stand during the Pledge means you’re forcing them to make a political statement (answer: No.), but I was amazed by the many Bush-haters who argued that making a kid pledge to the flag meant he was being forced to support President Bush.

One caller–who also mentioned he believes Dan Rather, so he’s obviously a kook– said that “No child should be forced to pledge allegiance to that man,” GWBush. Wow. I didn’t know that it was the Pledge of Allegiance to the Bush. I didn’t know that it was the Flag of the Republican States of America, either.

I happen to believe that you can be a patriot and proudly fly the American flag in opposition to Bush policies. If I found myself at an anti-Iraq War rally, I would expect to see plenty of American flags, all of them flying (with the possible exception of Sen. Kerry’s) right-side up.

But if the American Left wants to hand the Stars and Stripes over to the Republican Party, we’ll take it! If you want to be the anti-American Flag party, go right ahead. Stop pledging our American flag and choose another, perhaps the flag of the U.N., or maybe the old Iraqi flag. After all, you wish we’d left Saddam in power.

I don’t know how you translate this into a winning political strategy, but hey–I’m a Republican. We’re the dumb, religious, southern, inbred party. You’re the smart, anti-religion, anti-Christmas, anti-military and now anti- American flag party.

Sounds like a winning platform to me. How much longer until 2008?