The Safety Mitt

by Jonah Goldberg

One reader asks:

I am a big supporter of the paper towel safety mitt. But I am often in a dilemma as to how to dispose of such mitt. If in a more crowded restaraunt or public place, “accidentally leaving” the mitt on the handle is my common practice. But what about those not-as-public places? I am a lawyer, so when I visit my client, I don’t want to be littering the back of their door with paper towels. Nor do I want to walk into my meeting with a wadded up – and germ-filled – paper towel. What to do?
And another comes to the rescue, sort of:

The “germ doctor” (Philip Tierno) writes in his book (“The Secret Life of Germs”), “when you leave a public restroom, use the hand or paper towel to open the door then throw away the towel in the garbage can near the door. If there is no garbage can near the door, throw the towel on the floor–there soon will be one.”

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