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Evan Bayh


is the name that jumps out at you on this list of Democrats against Rice’s confirmation: “The critics, all Democrats, included Senators Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia and Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, first and second, respectively, in Senate seniority, as well as Carl Levin of Michigan, Mark Dayton of Minnesota, Evan Bayh of Indiana and Barbara Boxer of California, who was perhaps most pointed in her questioning of Ms. Rice during the confirmation hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.” Sorry, Senator Bayh: This isn’t going to make up for being against partial-birth abortion. It will be interesting to see if Senator Clinton feels it necessary to go along with this line of attack.

Which raises the question: Do the other Democrats think that Rice lied, or not? If they think she did lie about the war, they have no business voting for her. If they don’t think that, they should be pressed to say so.


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