Barbara Boxer Fundraises Off Rice Antics

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

If you were cynical you would think Barbara Boxer was more partisan than principled. Just to add to your cynicism, here’s the fundraising e-mail the DSCC sent out from her yesterday:

Dear DSCC friend,

The Republicans were expecting the Senate to confirm Dr. Rice with little debate and questioning from the Foreign Relations Committee.

They didn’t count on me to ask the tough questions. What the Republicans don’t realize is, no matter who is in charge in the White House, the role of Congress will always be to act as a check on the Executive branch of government. And when it comes to presidential nominees, the Senate must take its “advise and consent” role during the confirmation process seriously.

That’s why I took a stand last week and voiced my concerns about Dr. Rice’s misleading statements leading up to the war in Iraq and beyond. I will continue to make my voice heard on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, but in order to put the brakes on four more years of misdirection in Iraq and reckless policies at home, we need to elect more Democrats to the Senate during the 2006 midterm elections.

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Because after Dr. Rice is confirmed, the Senate will face many more crucial decisions in the coming months: confirmation of President Bush’s choice for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, social security, Iraq and possibly a Supreme Court nomination. My Democratic colleagues and I will hold the Bush Administration accountable for its decisions. But we will need your help to hold them accountable in the ultimate public hearing: the next midterm elections in 2006.

The Republicans want us Democrats to step back and pave the way not only for this one nominee, but for their entire social, economic and international agenda. We have a chance during the midterm elections to make sure the Republicans don’t have four years to do so. The DSCC is working every day to recruit the strongest candidates in every Senate race across the country. They are fighting early and fighting hard, but they need your ongoing support today.

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So while I raise my voice on the Senate floor, I hope you will join us on the campaign trail and send the loudest message of all–one that the Republicans will not be able to ignore–unseating them in the midterm elections and sending more Democrats to the Senate.

Yours sincerely,

Senator Barbara Boxer

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