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The Last Jew in Afghanistan


Here we have the BBC at the bottom of their game. Notice that grotesque phrase, “a copy of the Jewish holy book, The Torah.” As if you could get a paperback version from So we start with confirmation that the BBC folks don’t know anything about Judaism. Then we continue with the story of the two sly, greedy, and nasty Jews fighting publicly over control of the synagogue. How’s that exactly? According to this account, there is no congregation, so what would “control” mean? Does Simentov now argue with himself in public? But the ultimate, the over-the-top claim in this story is its premise: that Simentov is the last Jew in Kabul. Because if he were, the lead sentence would be impossible, especially the last six words: “the only functioning synagogue in Kabul.”

It takes ten Jews for a synagogue to function. If the Kabul synagogue is functioning, there are more than ten Jews in town. And in fact there are: Jewish diplomats, Jewish Special Forces, Jewish soldiers from various NATO countries, etc. etc.

But the BBC, true to its motto “never give a Jew an even break,” presents us with a textbook caricature of a person they falsely call Kabul’s one and only Jew.

Boycott the BBC. Let them merge with Jazeera and Arabiya.


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