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In furtherance of Jonathan Adler’s point, if you go to Landmark Legal Foundation’s website you will find thousands of environmental groups that receive government grants. The Washington Post has used scores of these groups in its news stories. Does the Washington Post have a policy of disclosing the groups’ government connections in its news pages? Not that I can discern. When the groups’ representatives are on radio and TV shows, do they disclose that they’ve received money from the government? Not that I can discern. And when Kurtz took an incredibly lame slap at (my friend, associate, advisory board member, and brother in arms) Sean Hannity the other day, did he reveal at the time that he’s paid by a competing cable network, CNN? No, he did not. Does CNN have a policy that requires its guests to reveal any government money groups they represent have received? Looks like a bad game of gotcha, not ethics.


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