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Democracy in Iraq


The Iraqi elections are, we can all hope, a lethal blow to the racism of the CIA and the State Dept arabists, all of whom have been saying for decades that democracy just can’t work in “that part of the world,” because “those people” just aren’t capable of democracy. They accordingly saw their role as identifying “our thugs,” and getting them into power. The big, brave turnout was an explicit and very dramatic confirmation of the president’s view of the war between freedom and tyranny. The Iraqi people want freedom, and they are prepared to risk their lives for it, provided that they get support and half-way decent security.

I hope that the president and his aides draw the obvious lesson: that the other peoples of the region are similar, they are quite capable and fully prepared to govern themselves. If more than seventy per cent of Iraqis voted today, as it seems, imagine how many Iranians would vote. And Syrians, too. And Egytians, and Saudis, and the rest. Think revolution. Please?


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