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These are the days that try men’s souls, if they are men and women of the left. When their own sense of what has been going on is shattered. When the vision of the hated conservatives comes to life in reality, and its birth seems to send joy through conservative ranks. At such times, the hive of the left often falls silent. Everyone seems to wait for a big bee to teach them the new buzz. Listen in the silence! The queen bee will stir. The buzz will grow soon.

The secret compass of the left used to give off a clear signal, even when puzzling events suddenly clouded the sky. One had only to discern whether new events empowered a new and larger collective (the state, the UN), in which case that was the side to cheer. If the individual was weakened, if the United States was weakened, and if the collective powers were strenghthened, that was guidance enough.

The fall of socialism has destroyed that guidance system. What to do? Whom to cheer? What to reject?…It takes longer these days for the hive to regain its voice and sense of direction…these days, the identity of the big bee is no longer so certain.

There are many lost souls on the left.


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