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Freedom and Slavery


Good old Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette notices the trend-line: greater freedom in the Middle East, greater slavery in Europe. First he finds this:

Odd story from Dilnareen at Kurdistan Bloggers Union:
And now for the weirdest story yet, in Holland a bunch of kurds hired a bus to take them to voting center, they all dressed in Kurdish clothes waving Kurdish flags and even packed enough dolma to feed an army. Anyway out of all ppl that could get annoyed by this, it was some islamist morrocans who came and fought with them. Honestly huh? How did that happen. And whats weird is that its morroco, in the middle east they’re kinda considered too liberal, but the morrocans in europe are a totally different story.
Haven’t found any media coverage of this.
And then he points out the incredible, disgusting demonstration against the Iraqi elections…held in Spain! Which he titles “Because Zarqawi Said So.”


So I guess once Iran and Syria have been liberated from these subhuman animals, the headquarters for the Jihad will shift to Amsterdam and Madrid, huh?


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