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Re: Stem-Cell Research


Remember, the pro human cloning side has been continually shifting the
terms of the debate and changing definitions. Only 4 years ago, they
were proclaiming loudly that ALL they wanted was access to leftover IVF
embryos that were going to be tossed out anyway. As soon as Pres. Bush
made his “compromise” funding decision, that story began to change.
Soon, “therapeutic cloning” was touted as the key to curing Uncle
Charlie’s Parkinson’s. When that didn’t sell, advocates dropped the
“C-word” and started calling it “somatic cell nuclear transfer for stem
cells,” being careful to continue to call the same procedure “cloning”
when referencing using the technology to bring a baby into the world.
Then, SCNT became simply embryonic stem cell research. Thus, Ron Reagan
touted cloning at the Democrat Convention, but called it embryonic stem
cell research. Now it is just stem cell research.

And now, they claim that SCNT does not make a human embryo. It just
makes a bunch of cells.

This could be blown away in the flash of an eye, except the media is
like a dancing partner following the lead of the biotech ideologues.