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Re: Arab Revolution


Right on, K. I wonder why there hasn’t been more talk here–except for the witty exchange between Rich and Jonah–about this Cedar Revolution in Lebanon. This event is another in a series of revolutionary uprisings against tyrants that have characterized the past few months: Ukraine, Iraq, now Lebanon, along with cracks in the edifices in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. There is no ambiguity about the inspiration for the revolutionaries: it is us. And there is also no ambiguity about the importance of maintaining the revolutionary tempo. Ten, one hundred, one thousand Beiruts. Today Beirut, tomorrow Damascus, Riyadh and Tehran. And then we will see what is left of the terror network.

War is waged in many ways, and we possess the most lethal weapon in the world: the desire for freedom. President Bush ha–uniquely among world leaders–understood the nature of this moment and given it voice. We should be celebrating the fall of the Lebanese puppet regime, and we should be demanding referenda and free elections in Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Sometimes tyrants can be brought down without firing a shot. It is happening every month. The so-called “realists” (actually reactionaries, as my pal Roger Simon never tires of reminding us) are now talking about making deals with the tyrants. This would be a terrible mistake. This is our moment, and the tyrants know it (I’m preparing a longer explication for tomorrow)…so let’s win the whole thing.

Come on, guys, get with the program. Join the call for a referendum in Iran: “do you want an islamic republic, yes or no?” That is the deathknell of the mullahs, and the downfall of the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism.

Faster. Please?


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