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Silly Racial Angles


You know the joke about the insistence of liberal house-organs on finding a racial angle to everything: The New York Times’s headline when World War III starts will read, “NUCLEAR BOMB DESTROYS CITY/Blacks, Hispanics Suffer Most.” Well, the Washington Post’s “Home and Garden” section today descends to self-parody with an article about the appalling shortage of minority … horticulturalists. The article finds an academic to do some forehead furrowing about the problem—”the applicants coming in aren’t representative of what we would like to see”—and speculates that, “For many blacks considering a life in horticulture, perhaps soil work recalls the periods of slavery and sharecropping.” Well, nice job, “Home and Garden” section: You’ve made your diversity quota for the Post’s editors this month, and provided some amusement for the rest of us.


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