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Far Be It From Me to Argue With One of America’s Best Prosecutors


Andy, a couple of points. You and I generally agree that this has not been a high profile national issue — or at least not high enough — but Daschle’s obstructionism played a key role in the Thune race, especially with the bloggers that Thune now credits for helping him win. In a race that close and the target of that much national attention, it blinks reality to suggest that obstructionism was not a factor in that race. And given that Daschle lost by only a few hundred votes, there is no question that it can be interpreted as such. My claim was simply that the Democrats lost their Senate leader on this issue. That is a price suffered by the entirety of the Democratic party, even if other individual races were not as clearly affected. Second, I think the filibuster issue played a major part in the groundswell of opposition to Specter’s chairmanship. “Had the national election actually raised the profile of the filibusters issue in any meaningful way, Sen. Specter’s assumption of the Judiciary Committee chair would have been much more controversial than it actually was.” If by that you mean, opposing forces would have won the battle, then perhaps you have a point. But there’s little doubt that his Chairmanship brought with it major controversy.


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