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Tribe and Schiavo


Harvard professor and Democrat favorite Laurence Tribe is all over the media today denouncing the House Republicans for issuing subpoenas yesterday in the Terri Schiavo case. Among other things, he claims this is a violation of federalism. And in the New York Times, he said this: “[Senator Joseph] McCarthy, for all his abuses, did not reach out and try to undo the processes of a state court.” This is an argument? It would be as if I dismissed Tribe’s views with the accurate charge that he works for an institution, Harvard, which played nice with the Third Reich over six decades ago.

The lawyer for Terri’s “husband” referred to congressional action as “Stalinist.” So, when Congress acts to try to save a life, and prevent the government-ordered starvation of a helpless human being while pursuing its law-making function, that’s comparable to a dictator who murdered some 60 million of his own people, including by starvation? And this lawyer is taken seriously by a court of law?


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