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A Dawning Realization On The Left


From a blogger at The American Prospect:

Suddenly it occurs to me that the Republican fight against the courts on
Terri Schiavo has been, among many other things, a perfect set-up for the
Republicans’ next major congressional initiative: packing the courts with
President Bush’s conservative judicial nominees. Just take a look at how
George Bush reacted this afternoon, after a federal appeals court refused to
re-insert Schiavo’s feeding tube:

“I believe that in a case such as this, the legislative branch, the
executive branch, ought to err on the side of life, which we have,” the
president said. “Now we’ll watch the courts make their decisions.”

Combine that with the fact that Mark Levin’s Men in Black: How the Supreme
Court is Destorying America is right now on the best-seller lists, and you
have a recipe for a mobilizing a hurt and highly motivated constituency in
defense of the president’s coming effort to transform the courts so that
they more closely hew to the perspective in the White House and Congress.


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