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Fun Fact For Felon Franchise


Those opposing the laws in many states that do not automatically allow felons to vote after they have been released from prison suggest that these folks have “paid their debt to society” and have as good a claim to the franchise as anyone else. But according to a new book by UCLA research psychologist David Farabee, just published by the American Enterprise Institute (“Rethinking Rehabilitation: Why We Can’t Reform Our Criminals”), nearly 7 in 10 prisoners are rearrested within three years of release. This seems to me to be a pretty good argument for not assuming that a recently released felon ought to be immediately reenfranchised. (Doubtless the libs will say, “Oh, but the reason the poor dears commit new crimes is that they have not been welcomed back into the community by, for instance, letting them vote.” To which I say, “Yeah, right.”)