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Diane Knippers, R.I.P.


Diane Knippers, president of the Institute for Religion and Democracy, died yesterday, April 18, at about 2 pm. She had fought a valiant battle against cancer these last many months, and an even more valiant–and often brilliantly successful battle–to restore the integrity of the Christian church during the last two decades. Under her gentle but always brave leadership, IRD was very often the mouse that roared, terrifying the great grey elephants of national church bureaucracies into frantic panic. Calmly, Diane told the truth, and those who had been disguising suspect politics under cloaks of outward piety had to defend themselves in public, and often couldn’t. Her sweetness of disposition was a gift of God. She now returns with it intact, enhanced by her consistent acts of courage, to restore it to her Maker and Redeemer.


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